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Vine Arts Member Jessie Lawson
invites you to :

A Place at the Table (We Have Always Been at the Table)
@ Intermedia Arts
OPENING International Women's Day March 8th 6-9pm

Curated by Ellen Hinchcliffe Featuring work byAyanna Muata, Sandy Spieler, Sharon Day, AnaLaura Juarez, Ivoire Foreman, Joy E A Spika, Katrina Knutson, Jessie Edminster Lawson, Allison Herrera, Camille Gage, Faye Brown, Justine Di Fiore, Amoke Kubat, Gabrielle Civil and more.

Women as Thinkers, Leaders, Activists &Artists Transforming our world. An installation honoring and investigating the power of women. Part of a month of events at Intermedia including a film screening and evening of performance.

A chair altar, a chair universe, a chair history lesson, a chair memorial, a chair honoring. A gathering of women. A place at the table because we have always been at the table.

Patriarchy, white supremacy, classism, colonization, transphobia, homophobia and fear of the feminine spirit creates erasure of women especially of Women of Color and Indigenous Women as both the survivors of oppression and the artists, thinkers, writers, activists, leaders that transform societies. This is especially timely with both the rise of Black Lives Matter movement and Idle No More.



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VAC member Richard Bonk gives A's to your Q's :

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Tanya Beyer
will be teaching a watercolor class - 'Basic Watercolor by Topic' - for ten Thursday nights beginning Jan. 15th
at Pineapple Arts Center, 124 West 1st Street, in downtown Duluth.
It would be a long way to travel for a class from Minneapolis,
but if you're in Duluth one of those Thursdays please check it out.

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