Get Behind the Work II
October 4 - November 1
Vine Arts Center
2637   27th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN     55406
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Get Behind the Work !
October 4 - November 1

Opening Reception : October 4th @ 6-9 pm

As we head into our 8th year, we invite you to Get Behind The Work !
Support our endeavors + go beyond the finished artwork + look into the process.

Come check out these events during the show.
October 16 KBEM Gallery Grooves @ VAC~@ 6:30 - 8:30pm
November 1 Get Behind the Work II Closing
~+ Members Behind the Work : How Do They Do It?

@ 3 - 5pm

Check out this video about Kris Treuting's gourd artwork.

Kirlian photography by Mark D. Roberts.

Fly-eye photo-collages by Larry Nelson.

The Vine Arts Center is an art-inspired space.
Artist members work cooperatively to unite diverse artists, patrons, and
the broader community through our creative presence and events.

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