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May 18 - June 8 2024


Vine Arts Center hosts a solo exhibition of original illustrations by Keith Vargo.

Do you enjoy visual art inspired by your favorite bands? Step into the captivating world of "Fakery. Made Daily," an exhibit of faux album covers by artist Keith Vargo, under his very own faux music label, “Altair Flair Records.” 

Featuring nearly fifty meticulously crafted illustrations – each a striking album cover printed on aluminum – the exhibit showcases the best works from Vargo's seven-year journey navigating his creativity while living through the challenges of narcolepsy. These images, drawn from an extensive repertoire of nearly 2,000 creations, are a visual diary, capturing fleeting moments and emotions with haiku-like brevity. 

Rooted in the everyday and inspired by his paintings, sketches, and photographs, the exhibit blurs the line between reality and imagination, creating a charming collection of faux bands and album covers, “Fakery. Made Daily.” As a tantalizing addition to the fake album covers on display, fake tour merchandise, album track-listings, and compelling band/artist bios are in development, promising an ever-expanding and immersive experience that makes fakery fun – for a change.

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