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Mystical Inquiries: Conversations with Art and Life

January 9 – 23, 2016

Mystical Inquiries: Conversations with Art and Life
Mystical Inquiries : Conversations with Art and Life
by jim Marion foreman

Today's world is filled with a mix of beauty, change, and conflict which pose many questions. In my personal view as an artist and visionary, I feel that no singular political, religious, or social agenda will move the world in a positive and wonderful direction. I feel it will be heartfelt questions, that are progressively answered in heartfelt ways, that will have the best chance at creating a loving, fair, beautiful and sustainable world.

My artwork, and the workshops I present around all the art forms, present such questions. So essentially, "Mystical Inquiries" is not just about a new art form, it is about invigorating ways of seeing beauty/life/art...and forging new pathways for a more harmonious life and world.

These works are a culmination of some 30 plus years of artistic and personal exploration. The body of work will include enough variations to bring beauty to home or corporate environment in a way that also creates positive inquiry. Individuals, business and community leaders, and artist of all types will find pathways toward greater play... and personal illumination through the exhibit and activities.

Join in and playfully engage in Three Varied Openings.

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